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  • What is the current wait time?
    • Our wait time changes as current students age, you can reserve a spot and we will let you know as soon as a spot opens up.
  • How do you reserve a spot?
    • To reserve a spot you will contact the center at 502-896-2798 or through email at The Director, Kylie, will then send you an invitation through Brightwheel that will allow you to fill out all the forms needed.
  • Does it cost anything to reserve a spot?
    • To reserve a spot there is a one-time fee of $30.
  • What is Brightwheel?
    • Brightwheel is an app that lets us communicate and update parents. Through this app we are able to update the amount the child ate, how long they napped, when the child used the potty, activities done, as well as many other things.
  • How do we make payments?
    • Payments are made through the Brightwheel app. 
  • What do schedules look like?
    • Schedules differ as the child ages. For infants we stick as closely as possible to the schedule the parent wants. As the child ages they will become on the centers schedule. A normal schedule looks as the following, but can differ based on the teacher
      • Breakfast
      • Potty Break
      • Free time
      • Circle time 
      • Potty Break
      • Centers
      • Activity
      • Lunch
      • Potty Break
      • Nap (From 12:00-2:00pm)
      • Potty Break
      • Snack
      • Free Play
      • Potty Break
      • Time to go home


Any and all questions can be asked over email (, Phone (502-896-279), or in person.  



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Monday - Friday

7:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.



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